Warranty & Returns Policy

ALN JDM Auto Motors offers 30 days start up warranty from the date of purchase on any non-performance engines, transmissions and brand new igniton distributors.

Performance engines

Any performance engines such as VTEC/ i-VTEC, Turbocharged, Supercharged, Mazda KLZE, High compression B20B,(Excluding Rotary & Diesel Engines) come  with 14 days start up warranty from the date of purchase.

Mazda Rotary Engines

All Mazda Rotory such as 13B Turbo II,13B Twin Turbo, 20B 3 Rotors, 13B-RE are SOLD AS IS. We make sure they are not seized up or locked before selling them.

Accessories and body parts

All accessories and other body parts such as Steering Wheels, Clusters, Floor Mats, Seats, Rims, Ecu, Maf Air Flow Sensors, Nose cuts Etc. are also SOLD AS IS.

Warranty does not cover any External Parts or Accessories on the Engines and Transmissions such as Distributor, Distributors' cap / cover, Intake Manifold, Exhaust Manifold, Oil Pan, Solenoids, Wiring Harness, Plugs, Sensors, Belts, Etc. Which in most cases needs to be changed/ swapped over from your stock Engine or Transmission any way.

 "Also in most cases you have to use these JDM engines as Long Block Only because they are out of Right Hand Drive Cars in Japan".

 ALN JDM Auto Motors WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any improper installation on our products, it must be installed by ASE Certified Mechanic.

Any costs associated with repairs or replacements, including labor, installation or any other related costs, shipping charges would not be covered under warranty. We ask our respected customers to contact us with any problems or concerns about our products within 14 days from the date of purchase on the original invoice.

If the Product has been altered in any way, improperly installed, or not used for its' intended purpose, warranty will be voided.


In the unlikely situation of our products being defective / bad you need to contact us first with a letter / document from your Certified Mechanic as a proof that way we give you a RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization) then you could ship it back to us.  Without an RMA number,  the shipment is going to be refused here at our establishment at customers' own expense.

Exchange is only offered if our product is bad. As for returns, we require written documentation from your ASE Certified Mechanic proving it. If for any other reason, a customer refuses or returns our products there will be a 25% restocking fees charged as well shipping in both plus both directions shipping.

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